Basement Protection From Mold--Kefa Coating


 Basement and Basement Entrance


Existing Conditions: Basement walls above showed signs of water seepage. The owner ran a dehumidifier constantly, allowing it to drain into a drain located in the basement entrance location. The basement proper is separated from the basement entrance by a standard passage door. During severe rains walls were visibly wet with some water visible on the floor.


The middle picture shows the entrance walls and the signs of water infiltration. This area is constantly wet due to proximity to the exterior of the home, walls adjacent to backfill on three sides and the drain for the dehumidifier from the basement proper. Also adjacent to this entrance is an in ground pool that had developed a leak in the liner. This affected this area to a lesser extent.


NOTE: The basement proper is used for some storage, but primarily for additional living space. All walls in the living space are furred and paneled or sheet rocked.


The picture on the right is located in the bathroom in the living area of the basement. The wall adjacent to the CMU foundation was completely deteriorated. Black mold was found after demo of the existing wall. The owner decided to install Kefa Coating tinted to a chosen color on this surface instead of returning to previous finish. In addition all wall covering was removed from this area, to include the ceiling. Mold and mildew were found on all surfaces.


Resolving Conditions:

            The picture strip above on the right is the completed area near the basement entrance. This area was severely effected due to the proximity to the exterior basement entrance and that it is also a corner wall. This damage can be seen on the existing conditions top photo. This wall, as well as all walls, were cleaned and efflorescence was neutralized using a mild vinegar solution to help with the cleaning process. All walls were coated up to the level above exterior grade. Above the five foot level, damage to existing walls was minimal therefore at and above this height the Kefa Coating was installed at about 15 to 20 dry mils. Below this level the Kefa was installed at 60 to 80 dry mils, with the heavier coats at the lower walls and areas most severely damaged.


            The middle picture of the right picture strip shows the exterior entrance to the basement. All walls were prepared as above. Several existing steps were removed to gain access to the walls behind the existing stairway. 60 to 80 dry mils were applied to the CMU walls.

            Laying on the floor of this area a hose can be observed protruding from the wall. This hose is attached to a dehumidifier in the basement proper and runs constantly throughout the entire year even though the living space in the basement is conditioned. This hose empties into a drain in the concrete floor approximately 6” in diameter. The residents have lived in this home for the last 30 years and during that time this drain has never been completely dry.

Within 5 days of the Kefa Coating application this drain was completely dry.


            The picture to the right of the right picture strip is the completed bath area in the basement living space. (see before picture above) This shows the completed CMU wall that was exposed. Kefa Coating was tinted and applied at 60 to 80 dry mils. The ceiling in the bath was also coated due to the shower in this bath. The remaining areas of the bath were completely redecorated with trim, paint and wall covering.


All work done by certified applicator for this project.