Kefa Coating Historical Structure Mold Remediation

Historical structures where damp can be mitigated....

Location- Carriage House at the Governors Mansion

Richmond, VA- Basement

- 1818

Existing Condition-
 All below grade walls showed signs of 

 extensive water infiltration and the existing coatings were

delaminating on all affected walls. At the customers request no

abrasive blasting was done All affected walls were hand scraped

to remove as much of the existing coating as possible. Severely

deteriorated mortar joints were repaired using repair mortar mix

with acrylic emulsion added to assist in adhesion. All mortar

joints were treated using and water and acrylic emulsion mixture

to aid in adhesion and harden existing mortar. Walls were cleaned prior to application. All surfaces and equipment adjacent to the area of application were covered and protected.

Application Equipment-
Graco Mark V Airless
.031 tip size- 8” pattern,                       
1000-1200 PSI


Results- After scraping, cleaning and all other preparation, 40 to 100 mils of Kefa Airless was applied to all affected walls. The material was tinted to the customers specification*. Walls treated with +/- 40 mils were not showing signs of extensive deterioration. This area was typically at or near the top of walls. Areas that showed signs of excessive deterioration and seepage received 80- 100 mils of Kefa Airless. The walls were typically damp to the touch at time of installation and there were minor areas of water infiltration. The solution to this issue was to use forced ambient air directly to the problem areas. These areas quickly dried and the Kefa coating was immediately effective controlling the water seepage at these areas. Due to the dampness of all walls at the time of installation fans were put in the coated areas overnight to assist in the drying and curing process. This installation will be monitored on an ongoing basis.

NOTE: This job has been monitored monthly and is performing as designed.
* Tinting of the Kefa Airless may be tinted to pastel colors. Color may not be exact to color desired



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