Who We Are

Kefa International worked with prestigious universities to create the miracle product that has been in place for over 30 years on over 400 million square feet.  Now we are embarking on fixing problems in North America.

We are an organization that uses certified applicators to apply our coatings to interior and exterior applications.  As with so many important specialty coatings, the hardest part of the process is always the preparation.  In other words, not every job is identical and care must be taken to be sure the substrates are ready for topcoating with our Kefa.  Similarly, we can enhance many physical attributes such as improved thermal insulation or the proper encapsulation of a structure in addition to preventing condensation.  These items can be properly presented by trained staff.


KEFA was developed in co-operation with

  • Texas A&M University, USA
  • The University of Arkansas, USA
  • University of Louisiana, USA
  • Princess Risborough University, UK

Steel warehouse in Georgia with significant thermal insulation benefits