Reference List for Marine Objects

References for Kefa and its family of brand names based on different countries including GrafoTherm, BioRid, etc.

Aas Mek. Verkstad AS, Vestnes, Norway                  Fishing boats

Arendals, Sweden                                                          Freight liners

Australian Submarine Corp., Australia                      Submarines

Boghammar Marin, Sweden                                       Fishing boats

British Columbia Ferries, Canada                               Ferries

Dong Ju, Korea                                                Cargo vessels

EAC Containers, USA                                                    Containers

Finnlines, Finland                                                           Vessels

Gdanska Stocznia Remontowa, Poland                    Ferries

Hapag Lloyd, Germany                                  Sea Containers

Harding Verft A/S, Rosendal. Norway                       Passenger ship

Johnson Line, Sweden                                                  Sea Containers

Karlskrona, Sweden                                                      Coast Defence Vessels

Karmsund Maritime Services AS, Kopervik, Norway             Fishing boats

Kristian Gerhard Jebsen Shipsrederi, Norway                         Gear Bulk Ships

Langstein Slip & Båtbyggeri AS, Tomrefjord, Norway          Trawler

Lista Treskipsbyggeri A/S, Lista, Norway                  Fishing boats

Mitsui Engineering & Shipbuilding, Japan                 Gear Bulk Ships

Myklebust Mek. Verksted AS, Gusken, Norway      Trawler

Norwegian Navy, Norway                                           Frigates

Oma Slip og Båtbyggeri AS, Stord, Norway                            Passenger ship

Oskarshamns, Sweden                                                 Coast Defence Vessels

P.T. Kumbong Container Industry, Indonesia                         Sea-containers  

Rogaland Trafikkselskap, Stavanger, Norway                        Car ferries

SA Juliana Construction, Portugal                                             Freight liners

Salén Line, Sweden                                                       Reefer Vessels, Gear Stores

Sjøforsvaret, Bergen, Norway                                    Frigates

Swedish Navy, Sweden                                  Submarines, frigates

Th. Hellesøy Skipsbyggeri A/S, Norway                    Fishing boats

Traena Skipsbyggeri AS, Traena, Norway                 Fishing boats     

Trønderverftet, Hommelvik, Norway                        Car ferries

Ulstein Hatlø A/S, Ulsteinvik, Norway                      Fishing trawler

Umoe Schat Harding AS, Rosendal, Norway                          Life boats, offshore

US Navy, USA                                                  Sea Containers

Westmarin AS, Mandal, Norway                                Passenger ship

Westnes Contractors AS, Olen, Norway                   Passenger ship

Värtsilä, Finland                                              Ice Breakers