The Story of Condensation

Condensation is the process of water vapor changing back into liquid water.  Humidity, invisible water vapor, is present in almost all air.  Certain conditions develop that allow liquid water to form on surfaces. 
Cycling where water changes into 3 different states
  • Excess humidity and condensation can pose serious threats to our health both directly and indirectly.  Since the 1900's we have sealed our houses to control air flow in and out of our houses.  This has the unintended consequences of trapping humidity that for centuries had not bothered society.  Now, we better understand those dangers, and how to minimize them.

    Our good friend, Air, can contain a lot of water, and as an example:

    • In an area with the volume of 283,000 cubic ft and 9,700 sq ft of roof area (48 feet by 200 feet for roof with approx. 30 feet height)
    • Temperature 20°C (68° F)Reltative Humidty 70%
    • VC 12g1m3

    Total 96 liter water (25.4)

Condensation's consequences occur in at least three forms known as


visible condensation


concealed condensation


organic manifestations


The concealed condensation is very damaging to structures and is hidden behind common building materials.  The growth of mold and fungus helps increase allergies.

Remember that anywhere there is water, there can be water in the air!!!  Sources of water in a five person home can amount to 10 kg of water a day EXCLUDING the heating process, from a recent British study.  Some sources can include:


  • breathing (asleep)          .3   
  • breathing (awake)          .85 
  • cooking                            3.0   
  • personal washing          1.0  
  • washing/drying clothes  5.5