What Kefa Does Not Do

Kefa works in harmony with nature in so many ways.  One thing that it does not do is to act like a "water cork" to keep water from flowing from one side to the other side.


We are not the finger in the dike.  However, our hero above is looking to the skies as we can prevent condensation on the walls next to him caused by the humid air.  Thus, we do not stop streams of water nor are we a water plug.

Cycle where water changes into 3 different states

Nor do we

  • Cost extra money over time
  • Require extra coats of coating every year

And we do not work as designed if


  • Kefa is top coated by any other coating that would  bury our special coating underneath, thereby defeating the purpose of preventing condensation from humid air
  • There are no natural or induced cycles of drying in the environment (e.g. HVAC)