What Kefa Is Not?

Kefa is not

    • an additive to a coating that requires mixing in proper solutions to a product you also have to pay for that is both non-enduring and alters the other physical properties of the coating 
    • a chemical compound hung somewhere to capture moisture like a bug catcher or zapper requiring constant vigilance on so many levels including having a "sack of trouble" to handle 
    • a commodity requiring you continue to spend money by "refilling" the magic ingredients similar to the free razor and the costly razor blade marketing effort  
    • a dangerous concept that requires children be kept away for fear of damaging their bodies 
    • a product that only lasts a few months and then its efficacy dissipates 
    • a chemical that someday will reveal itself as being harmful to humans, the food supply or other animals that will require future remediation costs and extreme notoriety for your project 
    • a product that can cause damage to any organs or genetic material that may endanger our species or own families that will cause regrets all around
    • a ceramic that can cause health effects, especially during application that may stop a project's completion or cause an insurance issue
    • an "unnatural" or artifical solution to a problem that can have tragic consequences
    • a chemical process that will harm anyone or anything, but rather a physical smart design that is enduring
    • not a ceramic with radiant or reflective heat advantages that dissipate over time, but rather a thermal advantage coating that retains its power